About Tedy’s Team

Tedy’s Team started in 2005, after Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke at the age of 31. Tedy was in the prime of his life. He had just won his 3rd Super Bowl as a member of the New England Patriots and just returned from his first Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Tedy and his wife, Heidi, did not know the warning signs of stroke and were unaware his symptoms were stroke related. During his recovery, Tedy and Heidi approached the American Stroke Association to support them in their creation of Tedy’s Team.

When Tedy’s Team was created, the main goal was to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of stroke, and to break the stigma of who can have a stroke. Then it grew to an endurance training team when Tedy was able to secure five bibs from the Boston Athletic Association for the Boston Marathon® as a member of their charity program. The focus of the team was still awareness, but through the running team, Tedy’s Team helped to fund life-saving research.

Fast Forward 18 years, over 1,500 alumni, numerous travel marathons, Falmouth Road Races and Boston Marathons, and Tedy’s Team has raised over $8 million to support stroke and heart disease and help reduce deaths from stroke. Since Tedy’s Team was created, stroke has gone from the nation’s No. 3 killer to No. 5. While there is still more work to be done, we can see the impact of what we do on a daily basis.

In 2019, Tedy’s Team created a new community outreach program, called the Comeback Assistance Program, that will help give survivors the means for a comeback. If you are interested in more information, please visit our Comeback Assistance Program page. If Tedy can have his comeback, so can you!

In 2023, Tedy’s Team partnered with the MGH Institute of Health Professions to create the Tedy’s Team Center of Excellence in Stroke Recovery. The mission of the Center is to improve the quality of life for stroke survivors through advances in interprofessional clinical practice and education, clinical research and scholarship and implementation science. The Center will also advance the community’s knowledge of the warning signs of stroke through community outreach and education.


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