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Boston Marathon®

Thank you for your interest in joining Tedy’s Team® for the Boston Marathon® presented by Bank of America.

Charity applications for 2025 are not available at this time. We do not find out if we are a chosen charity until late summer 2024. If chosen, we will announce on our social media when applications open. Applications would be posted to the bottom of this page. 

Below is information on our program should we be chosen for 2025. Current information below is scheduled to change once we know more:

fundraising minimum: CHarity bib – $10,000

Tedy’s Team provides its runners with an amazing all-around experience from start to finish.

We provide each of our Boston team runners with the following (please note that any of these items listed below may change at any time, and may be due to any restrictions set in place by the state, the city of Boston and surrounding towns, or the Tedy’s Team organization):

  • Marathon Registration Fee (You will have to pay this upfront. This fee is refunded post-race, only when you meet the fundraising minimum by the fundraising minimum deadline. If you purchase race insurance, this will not be refunded)
  • Charity Bib Fee paid by Tedy’s Team
  • Fundraising webpage
  • Fundraising goal planning meetings/calls
  • 1 Kick-off celebration ticket for runner only
  • Online fundraising toolkit
  • Numerous fundraising templates and how-to guides
  • Running coach
  • Weekly Saturday team long runs in Boston
  • Post-Saturday run physical therapists provided by Joint Ventures
  • Nutrition and injury prevention sessions provided by professionals, put together by our running coach.
  • Weekly team hill runs in Boston
  • Team photographers for marathon weekend
  • Team swag
  • Night of Inspiration – marathon weekend – ticket for runner and 1 guest
  • Post race party with food, beverages, Normatec recovery units, massage therapists, personal team registered nurses for runner and two guests only (paid for by Tedy’s Team)
  • Running singlet
  • Thank you party – ticket for runner only
  • And much more!

*Please note that all donations made to Tedy’s Team are non-refundable regardless of changes to and/or cancellation of the marathon.

fundraising minimum: qualifiers/invitational entries only – $6,000

If you qualified for the 2025 marathon or you have your own invitational or qualifier entry, and want to make your miles mean a little bit more, come run with us!

The minimum includes:

  • Fundraising webpage
  • Fundraising online toolkit
  • Numerous fundraising templates and how-to guides
  • 1 kick-off celebration ticket – runner only
  • Running Coach
  • Weekly Saturday team long runs on Course
  • Weekly team hill runs in Boston
  • Team photographer for marathon weekend
  • Night of Inspiration – Marathon Weekend – runner only
  • Post race party with food, beverages, Normatec recovery units, massage therapists, personal team registered nurse ticket for runner and 2 guests only.
  • Running singlet
  • Team swag
  • Goal planning meetings


*Please note that all donations made to Tedy’s Team are non-refundable regardless of changes to and/or cancellation of the marathon.


Should you have any questions, please let Elizabeth know.


Tedy’s Team is proud to be an official charity of the Boston Marathon®




Tedy’s Team provides the complete marathon experience, but don’t take it from us:

In 2017 I ran the Boston Marathon® for a different charity team. It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to live my dream of running the marathon and support a cause that was important to me. While training I found out about Tedy’s Team and their mission to support stroke research.

In 2018, I applied to be on Tedy’s Team. This was the only team that I applied for because I wanted to support stroke research in honor of my father. When I joined this team I got so much more than a marathon experience. I found the team that I was looking for. I met a group of amazing people who were welcoming, supportive and encouraging. Everyone genuinely cares and show their appreciation for each other. I was made to feel like part of the team from day one. Emails, Facebook groups, a meeting spot before our long runs, were some things that helped foster the team feeling, and that was all before the Marathon.

On the weekend and day of the marathon I was in awe of every detail that was tended to. There was not one thing that was overlooked. It was peace of mind knowing that my family was out of the rain and in the comfort of the Lenox Hotel. After the marathon the devotion to the stroke research continued with volunteer opportunities. Tedy’s Team is more than a group of marathon runners. It is a group of kind and caring people, that is dedicated to making a difference and supporting stroke research. This team is A TEAM –  actually, A FAMILY.”

– Karen Feeney, Tedy’s Team Alumna, ‘18, ’19, ’20, ’21, ’22 , ’23 and ’24



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