Center for Excellence in Stroke Recovery

The Tedy’s Team Center of Excellence in Stroke Recovery improves the quality of life for stroke survivors. This will take place through advances in clinical practice and education, clinical research and scholarship, implementation science and advocacy. We will also advance the community’s knowledge of the warning signs of stroke through community outreach and education.

The Center’s Goals are:

To support stroke survivors and their caregivers as they live their best lives and to create a future model of stroke rehabilitation that aligns with fast-tracking evidence-based research directly into the care of stroke survivors.

We will bring together the three existing clinical centers (the Aphasia Center, the lonta Physical Therapy Center, and the Tabor/Connor Occupational Therapy Center). This will address the highly complex issues of stroke rehabilitation that cannot be solved by one discipline alone. Improving the functional ability and speech of stroke survivors and supporting their caregivers is the focus of this new center.

Our three main objectives of the Center of Excellence are:

  • Support the advancement of research in the science of stroke recovery and work to disseminate that science to the clinicians who provide care to stroke survivors
  • Educate the community of Greater Boston about the warning signs of stroke through targeted community outreach and integrating BE FAST education into the clinical visits at our pro bono health center
  • Provide rehabilitative care consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to stroke survivors who are no longer eligible for insurance covered therapy services; we will support their continued progress toward recovery


Learn more about what we do at the Tedy’s Team Center of Excellence in Stroke Recovery at the MGH IHP.


Center Reports are below:

June 2023 Center Report

December 2023 Report

June 2024 Report