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Tedy’s Team celebrates the start of a new Boston Marathon® season!

Boston Marathon
Teammates take selfie with Tedy Bruschi

[L-R; Tedy Bruschi, Karen Feeney and Brendan Sweeney]. Runners mingle during kick-off reception.

On November 12th, Tedy’s Team welcomed 49 runners to the team, just one year after becoming an official 501©3 charity in Massachusetts. We kicked-off the 2020 Boston Marathon® season with a team dinner at Granite Links Golf Course in Quincy. The team, which consists of 49 runners, 11 of whom are stroke or heart survivors themselves, had the opportunity to meet teammates, share their stories, and meet team co-founders, Tedy and Heidi Bruschi.

“One of my top goals has always been to run in the Boston Marathon. After my Dad, a stroke survivor, passed suddenly from a heart attack in 2017, running become a form of therapy for me,” explained rookie runner, Lauren Machado. “Running Boston for Tedy’s Team allows me to do what I love and achieve one of my top goals, while raising awareness of stroke and heart disease in honor of my Dad.”

We are thrilled to announce our team of runners and are looking forward to a new training season. Watching our team connect with each other and grow as athletes is one of our favorite things about this time of year. Over the next four months, the team will not only be training for the 2020 Boston Marathon®, but they will also be helping us in the fight against stroke and heart disease by raising money and awareness, while honoring loved ones in their lives who have been afflicted by stroke and heart disease.

“The charity runners are the true heart and soul of the Boston Marathon. They inspire others and run with a purpose that is larger than themselves,” Machado said. “I am excited to run Boston with Tedy’s Team, a cause that is so close to my heart. I hope that on Marathon Monday, I will inspire others watching to run for something close to their hearts too.”

Since its inception in 2005, Tedy’s Team has raised over $5.9 million for stroke research and educational programs with the support and dedication of over 1,300 participants. This past year, Tedy’s Team created a new financial assistance program, known as the Comeback Assistance Program (CAP). CAP gives us the opportunity to assist and support survivors and caregivers on their personal comeback journeys.

“I joined Tedy’s Team for my 6th season because it allows me to show our kids that you can turn a tragic life event into a positive experience that allows you to support others in similar circumstances,” said alumni runner, Michael Lawrence. “Having the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon with your teammates at the end of the season is a huge bonus.”

In addition to raising funds, Tedy’s Team continues to raise awareness of stroke and its warning signs and symptoms. Learn more about this year’s team and how you can support them today!


2020 Boston Marathon® Team Roster

  • Sabrina Bohrer
  • Brian Bond
  • Natalie Brogan
  • Shelley Burns
  • Tricia Callaway
  • Ivy Casavant
  • Lore Chapman
  • Abbey Chesna
  • Antionetta Collins
  • Laurie Curran
  • Christine Doherty
  • Erica Dorsey
  • Danielle Eilert
  • Karen Feeney
  • Frank Feraco
  • Nathan Fluet
  • Dan Foley
  • Jesse Fox
  • Drew Griffin
  • Colleen Heverly
  • Jim Kasperik
  • Jennifer King
  • Lauren Lamm
  • Georgios Lappas
  • David Laubner
  • Michael Lawrence
  • Jon Levy
  • Libby Leyden
  • Ashley Lucchese
  • Lauren Machado
  • Samantha Margolis
  • Ashley Martin
  • Amy Michaud
  • Kevin O’Connor
  • Ross Olson
  • Thomas Pacheco
  • Christine Pelletier
  • Tim Pelletier
  • Sean Quirk
  • Aishwarya Rajagopalan
  • Megan Robert
  • Nicole Schatz
  • Bridget Seay
  • Elizabeth Sies
  • Adam Strazzullo
  • Erin Walsh
  • Larissa Weeks
  • Shea Williams
  • Jeremy Woodward

Tedy’s Team is a member of the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) Official Charity Program for the 2020 Boston Marathon®.

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